Availability manager


The availability manager lets you plan closing days of your pet hotel.

Availability rules list

When visiting the availability manager page, you will see an overview of all currently configured rules.

You can search for specific rules by typing in the search field.

Creating new availability rules

You can create a new rule by clicking the "Add rule" button.

A name is required for internal use only. It can be a short descriptive name such as "Holliday" or "Renovations".

From date: the start date of the unavailable period. This must be greater than yesterday.

To date: the end date of the unavailable period.

After saving, no more bookings can be created on this period and the dates will be disabled in the booking widget, booking form and calendar.

Existing bookings

When existing bookings are already made, you can still create rules, but the bookings will continue to exist.

Deleting a rule

Once you delete an availability rule, the dates will be freed up in the calendars and bookings can be made again.