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As a pet hotel owner, you spend a lot of time managing the bookings for both overnight stays and daycare.

The "book now" widget is a tool available to users with a paid subscription that allows your customers to make their bookings from your website or using a link in an e-mail.

The tool uses the same availability checking tools as regular bookings so that no double reservations can be made.

It also keeps track of opening hours and fully booked rooms.

How to use

Before you can use the booking widget, you need to set up the basic configuration on the book now widget configuration page.

You need to setup the Terms of service link, this should link to the terms of service of your own website.

Alternatively, if left blank, we will show the terms of service as they are on the contracts page.

Users will have to agree on these terms before they can complete the booking.

Online payments: If enabled, and you have setup online payments an automatic e-mail will be sent to the user after the booking is made.

How many months upfront can bookings be made?: You can use this option to limit how many months upfront customers can make bookings.

Verifying bookings

After a customer creates a booking using the widget, you can see it in the bookings list under the tab "to verify".

Overnight bookings list Daycare bookings list

This allows you to verify if you want the specified breed or other things.

Previewing the widget

From the book now widget configuration page you can click the "Preview" tab to see how the widget looks and behaves.

Keep in mind that the preview is capable of making bookings.

The widget is currently not customizable.

Add to your website

To add the book now widget to your website, you can ask your webmaster to place the iframe on a page.

If you cannot use iframes on your website, you can alternatively add the link to the book now page.

Customers and pets

When a customer creates a booking and you already have this customer in Animalo, we will automatically match it based on their e-mail address.

For pets, Animalo uses a similar approach, however then the matching is done based on pet name and pet type.

This reduces duplication to a minimum.

Which rooms can customers book online?

The customer can book all rooms that you have configured to be bookable using the configuration.

For more see the documentation:

Room types

Daycare spots