Booking addons


Booking addons are additional addons you can upsell on your bookings.

Currently booking addons are only applicable on overnight stays, booking addons for daycare are currently being implemented

Booking addons list

On the [booking addons page] you can see all your booking addons.

You can search in your booking addons by typing in the search field.

Adding booking addons

To create a booking addon, click the "Add new addon" button on the top right.

You will have to add a name for the addon, this should be a short but descriptive text of what the addon is.

Description: Here you can enter more information. This will be visible on the booking widget.

Pet types: The pet types this addon can be used for.

Allow online bookings: Select if you want customers to be able to select the addon themselves when using the booking widget.

Booking addon pricing

The same as with room types, the pricing is flexible and for you to configure.

Price: The price for the addons.

Price is per day?: When checked the price will be calculated on the number of days the pet stays with you. Otherwise, it will only be charged once for the booking.

Price per pet?: If the price should be charged per pet or booking. If the addon costs 10€ and there are two pets of the same customer it will be charged twice.

Deleting a booking addon

When you remove a booking addon, all existing bookings using the addon will remain as they are, but new bookings cannot use the addon anymore.