Booking addons

Booking addons are additional addons you can upsell on your bookings.

Booking addons list

On the booking addons page you can see all your booking addons.

If needed, you can filter the list using the filter button.

Adding booking addons

To create a booking addon, click the "Create new addon" button on the top right.

You will have to add a name for the addon, this should be a short but descriptive text of what the addon is.

Available for booking type: Here you can pick for what booking type this addon is available.

Description: Here you can enter more information. This will be visible in the booking widget.

Price: The price for the addon.

Pet types: The pet types this addon can be used for.

Pricing method: Here you can set how the pricing will be calculated:

  • Once: The price will be added just once to the booking.
  • Per night: The price will be added once for every night (boarding only).
  • Per day: The price will be added once for every day.

Price is per pet: If the price should be charged per pet or booking.

This is a taxi service: If you provide pickups as an extra service you can use this setting as it will mark the booking for pickup.

Allow online bookings: Select if you want customers to be able to buy the addon themselves when using the booking widget.

Deleting a booking addon

When you remove a booking addon, all existing bookings using the addon will remain as they are, but new bookings cannot use the addon anymore.