Booking calendar

The booking calendar is easy to use, and it shows the whole status of your pet hotel at a glance.

Similar to the booking list, this calendar can be filtered.

Each pet type has its colour, so it is easy to see which type of bookings are ongoing.

For more structure, you can give boarding and daycare spots their own color so it is easier to see the information.

Besides showing bookings, the calendar can also be used to see the availability.

Viewing availability

After you select a pet type and a pet type the calendar will show a red moon if a given day is full booked for boarding and a red sun if the day is fully booked for daycare.

This is useful when customers call to see if, for example, they can bring in their dog for daycare on the 15th of December. Instead of making a booking and filling in customer details, you can use the calendar to easily see if there is enough room.

Information displayed

The calendar shows you a week view by default. Additionally you can switch to a day, 2week or month format.

When you click a row, you will see some details and quick actions as well as a link to view the booking details.