Booking detail page


The booking detail page holds all the information about a single booking.

It is also the place where you can modify certain details and manage the invoicing.

Customer, veterinarian and pet information

In the left column, you can see the customer, pet and veterinarian information.

Each of these can be modified directly from the booking.

Additionally, you can add notes to pets. These notes will be visible for future bookings.

You can also add booking specific notes.

Check-in and Check-out

Similar to the Dashboard you can also here do the check-in or check-out for the booking.

This information is the synchronized between the dashboard and the booking detail meaning you can use either button.


On the top right is the button to download the contract for the booking.

More about contracts


With Animalo payment tracking becomes easy.

In the payment status panel, you can see all previous payments and the amount due.

Besides automatic payments, you can also enter manual payments. This can be useful if your customers pay by wire transfer or cash.

Animalo does not offer change management, this means you cannot accept more payments than the amount of the booking.

If a customer pays online, this will be visible in the payments list.


In the payments tab, you can also find all invoices and credit notes for the booking.

If no invoice is created yet you can press the "create invoice" button.

All invoices are created in draft mode, meaning you first can view the invoice before verifying.

Invoices made with Animalo start with number 1 and increment. No numbers can be skipped.

If a booking gets cancelled after an invoice is already made you can use the "Create credit note" button to create a credit note.

By default, credit notes are for the full invoice amount. But you can modify the amounts in the popup.

We always recommend only to create the invoice once a booking is complete. This helps you to reduce credit note overhead and will lower your accountancy costs.

Editing a booking

Animalo offers a few ways for you to edit bookings:

Edit start and en hour

Some bookings might change the start and end hour. On the check-in and check-out panes you can click the pencil and click either "Edit start time" or "Edit end time".

A form will show where you can set the new time.

This will not affect the booking price.

Extend bookings

In some cases you will have to extend a booking, using Animalo this becomes effortless.

Using the pencil button click on "Extend booking", in the popup you can set the amount of days to extend.

You can extend forward: More into the future. Or you can extend backwards: More into the past.

You can only extend bookings if there is sufficient room. After you select the amount of days, press the check button and confirm.

You cannot extend a booking backwards when it is already ongoing.

Removing pets and canceling the booking

When you have a booking with more than one pet, you can remove the additional pets.

After removing a pet from a booking, the booking cost will be recalculated. If you already made an invoice for the booking, Animalo will suggest you create a credit note.

Because every pet hotel has its own rules, we do not automate credit notes or invoices.

You can cancel a booking by pressing the "cancel booking" button.

After cancelling a booking, the spots will become bookable again.

Communicating with the customer

To communicate with the customer, you can use the chat function.

Currently, only text is supported, and the customer will receive the message by e-mail.

Logs and history

On the bottom of the page, you can find the log for the booking. This shows a history of actions that happened and is especially useful if you work in teams with multiple users.