Booking detail page

From the booking detail page you can see and modify all the information about the booking.

The booking details, due to all the information that is there, is split up into 4 tabs.

Below we go into detail about each tab.

Tab: Overview

On the main tab at the top you can see a simplified progress bar and the next action (check-in, check-out).

Below that you can see the dates.

A bit lower you can find the internal notes, this can be used for storing information about the specific booking. It can also be used to communicate towards colleagues.

Then we display the pet(s), from here you can add pet notes or edit the individual pet. If the booking has multiple pets you can also remove a pet from the booking.

If any extras are booked, you can find them below the pets, there is also a link to add extras.

The last 2 pieces of information we can find here are the booked room and customer.

Both can be edited from here as needed.

Tab: Payment

At the top of the payments tab you can see the current payment status. There is also a quick action depending on the payment state.

The payment system is flexible and we go into detail below.


With Animalo payment tracking becomes easy.

In the payment status panel, you can see all previous payments and the amount due.

Besides automatic payments, you can also enter manual payments. This can be useful if your customers pay by wire transfer or cash.

If a customer pays online, this will be visible in the payments list.

When you add a manual payment from in Animalo, you can choose between multiple predefined payment methods. Animalo currently does not allow customers to pay more than the amount of the booking.

When your payment fullfills the booking payment, you can choose to create an invoice or receipt.

Before making invoices, make sure your company details on the Your hotel page are setup.


In the payments tab, you can also find all invoices and credit notes for the booking.

If no invoice is created yet you can press the "create invoice" button.

All invoices are created in draft mode, before validating the invoice you can download and verify if it is correct.

Invoices made with Animalo start with number 1 and increment. No numbers can be skipped. If you have specific requirements, let us know!

If a booking gets cancelled after an invoice is already made you can use the "Create credit note" button to create a credit note.

By default, credit notes are for the full invoice amount. But you can modify the amounts in the popup.

We always recommend only to create the invoice once a booking is complete. This helps you to reduce credit note overhead and will lower your accountancy costs.

Tab: Messages

On the messages tab you can communicate with the booking customer.

For now it only allows you to send text e-mails, but in the future we add sms support and we will also include photos. These updates will be part of our new app that is currently under development.

Besides the messages towards cusstomes, you can also see a list of automated emails that have been send to customers and the status.

Tab: Edit

From the edit tab you can perform some less common actions on bookings.

Depending on the type of the booking you might not see all the things described below.

At the top of the edit tab you can see the check-in and check-out buttons. Here you can also undo a check-in or check-out.

Below that we provide small overview of the booking information.


Animalo offers a few ways for you to edit bookings:

(Re)send payment invite

If the customer did not receive the online payment invite, or you decided not to send one when making a booking you can use this action to send one.

Edit start and en hour

In case you want to change the check-in or check-out time you can use this action.

Add or remove dates (daycare only)

This can be used to modify the booked dates in a daycare booking, you can also use this function to invoice a customer once per month and just add a day every day a pet comes in.

Edit dates (boarding only)

In some cases you will have to extend a booking, using Animalo this becomes effortless.

The edit dates action lets you pick a new start and end date for the boarding booking.

Removing pets and canceling the booking

When you have a booking with more than one pet, you can remove the additional pets.

After removing a pet from a booking, the booking cost will be recalculated. If you already made an invoice for the booking, Animalo will suggest you create a credit note.

Because every pet hotel has its own rules, we do not automate credit notes or invoices.

You can cancel a booking by pressing the "cancel booking" button.

After cancelling a booking, the spots will become bookable again.