Booking list


The booking list is an overview of all your bookings.

By default, Animalo displays a list of all currently ongoing bookings.

The booking list is similar for both overnight stays and daycare bookings.

Filtering the list

There are various filters you can choose from when displaying the booking list.

Pet type: You can filter the bookings by pet type, by default the list will display all.

Status: There are various states for bookings: Paid, not paid, cancelled, To verify. By default all bookings are displayed.

Timing: The last filter allows you to see Future, ongoing and past bookings.

Actions and visible information

The booking list shows you various information regarding the booking that we have identified as commonly used.

You can see if:

  • The booking is paid;
  • The booking has been verified (See Book now widget);
  • The period and duration;
  • Customer name;
  • Pet names.

Besides this, we show two quick actions.