Booking list

The booking list is an overview of all your bookings.

By default, Animalo displays a list of all the currently ongoing bookings.

All bookings will be displayed in the same list, you can use filters to drill down the list if required.

There are also 2 usefull filters:

  • Future bookings: Shows only bookings that are in the future.
  • Needs payment: Shows only bookings that have not been paid yet.

Filtering the list

There are various filters you can choose from when displaying the booking list.

Booking type: Depending on the configuration you can filter between daycare, boarding and other services.

Status: There are various states for bookings: Paid, not paid, cancelled, To verify. By default all bookings are displayed.

Pet type: You can filter the bookings by pet type, by default the list will display all.

Period: The last filter allows you to see Future, ongoing and past bookings.

Search: Here you can search for a pet or customer by name.

Actions and visible information

In the cards you see in this list you have some basic information visible such as:

  • If the booking has been verified. (See Book now widget).
  • The pet type.
  • The customer name.
  • The period or dates.
  • The price.
  • The booking type.
  • Others: First time, neutered, breed, ...

Based on the state of the booking there will be a couple of actions available.

The view action is always there, but besides that you can Check in or Check out the booking as well.