Hotel configuration


Now that the registration is complete, you have to configure a few more details before Animalo will be fully functional.

Because of this, you cannot access any other page until you have completed the minimum configuration required.

Go to my pet hotel configuration page

Required fields are marked with a *.

Basic information

Animalo allows you to simplify many things you do on a daily base when managing a pet hotel.

Because Animalo can be used to communicate with your clients, create invoices and contracts we require more pet hotel details.

The name will be used for setting the subject of e-mails and is also used for contracts and invoices.

When Animalo sends e-mails to your customers, the e-mail address will visible to your customers to reply to.


Your address is printed on both contracts and invoices.

Animalo uses an easy to use address search. You can start typing in the Address field and continue to do so until you found your address.

If the tool is unable to find it for you, or you require more details you can modify these in the fields below.

Time and language

Animalo is available worldwide, and it supports multiple languages out of the box (currently English and Dutch).

For bookings to have the correct time, you will have to set your timezone. You can also choose if you want to display AM/PM or 24h format and set your default preferred language.

Price and invoice details

This is where you configure some invoicing and pricing details.

Your vat number that will be displayed on invoices, your currency, vat rate and footers for both invoices and credit notes.

The VAT rate is automatically configured for European countries. If your business is outside of the EU or you need a custom vat rate, you can set it up here.

The invoice/credit note footers are printed on every invoice and can be used to add extra-legal information depending on your country.

If your currency is missing or you have any question regarding invoicing get in touch with us.

Pet types

Here you can set up the pet types you allow in your pet hotel.

When you are using the free version this is limited to one pet type.

Want to add another pet type? Get in touch with us.

Opening hours

This section is divided into 3 sections.

Pickup/drop off time

The pickup and drop off time is the default time that bookings start or end.

The pickup time sets bookings to start at that time on any given day (unless configured differently in opening hours).

The drop off time sets bookings to end at that time on any given day (unless configured differently in opening hours)

Using these configurations you can easily manage customers not bringing in and pickup up pets at the same time.

Allow bookings to start/end outside of opening hour days.

By default, Animalo does not allow bookings outside of opening hours. This is to avoid mistakes and confusions.

However as some flexibility is often required, you can enable this option so that you can create bookings on any day, regardless of the opening hours configured.

Opening hours

Here you can configure on a per-day base when you are open. Bookings created during these days will start and and on the respective hours.

If you did not check the "Allow bookings to start/end outside of opening hour days." box, bookings cannot start OR end outside of the opening hours.