Hotel configuration

After you have created your Animalo account you will land on the hotel settings page.

This is a quite big settings page that contains details about your business. The better you fill out this form the better Animalo will work.

Go to my pet hotel configuration page

On this settings page there are 3 tabs, the details will be explained below.

Required fields are marked with a *.

Basic information

Under basic information you can enter some contact details such as the name of the pet hotel, a contact email and a contact phone number.

Currency and VAT

For correct pricing it is important to set the correct currency and VAT rate.

To set your currency select the correct currency from the drop down list.

For European countries we can automatically decide the VAT rate based on the address, if you however want to set a custom VAT rate, check the checkbox after custom vat rate and enter the correct percentage amount.

Time and language

In this section you can set the timezone and main language to use, you can also set if you want to use a 12h am/pm format or a 24h format.


Here you can upload your logo, the logo will be used on automatically generated invoices and emails.

Services and hours

This is where you can setup all the service types you provide (daycare, boarding and/or other services) and for what pet types your business does this.

After selecting all that information you can setup when you provide those services.

There are 2 ways to set this up, either you can set it up to be available every day between the same hours or you can set it up per day.

In the last section of this settings page you can setup the pickup and drop-off hours. These hours are the default hours used when making a booking.

This is in no way an enforcement, when making bookings you can still setup different hours. It is just a small helper to ease the creation of most of your bookings!

Your company

On this tab you can setup some more detailed information about your business.

The most important part on this page is that you setup the correct address of your business as this address will be used on invoices.

Here you can also set your VAT number if your business is VAT registered.

Additionally you can setup some invoice and credit note footers, this is useful if you want to put extra information on the invoices, for example a legal disclaimer.

As a last option you can setup to receive a copy of all the e-mails Animalo is sending for you.