Laws bind pet hotels in many countries. This goes from the required injections to many other things.

For some country to comply with these laws, contracts have to be made between the pet hotel and the pet owner.

Animalo provides an easy to customize and translate a contract that you can use for your bookings.

Configuring the contract

To configure the contract, visit the contract page.

On the top, you can see a prefilled contract. You can modify all the texts in this contract.

Similar to the e-mail configuration, you can use parameters here to set up the content.

Available parameters:

HOTELNAME: Your pet hotel name.

HOTELADDRESS: The full address of your pet hotel.

CUSTOMERNAME: The customers first and last name.

CUSTOMERADDRESS: The full customer address.

PETDETAILS: A list of pet details of the pets in the booking.

VETFULLNAME: The veterinarian full name if filled.

VETADDRESS: The veterinarian full address.

DATES: The booked dates. The output is depending on the type of booking:

For daycare it is a list of the booked dates: 2019-01-01, 2019-01-02, 2019-01-05

For overnight stays, it is a range of dates: 2019-01-01 - 2019-01-05

Configuring the terms of service

As every pet hotel has its terms of service regarding refunds or other events Animalo allows you to add these to your contract.

Using the terms of service tab lets you enter the contents.