Creating bookings

In Animalo we created a seamless booking experience that is consistent across mobile and web.

At all times, when you are logged in you can find the add booking buttons in the navigation bar on the left.

You are never required to know all the information about the customer or pets upfront. This means you do not have to go and create pets and customers before you can make a booking. All these actions can be done in one go!

Creating a booking

The Add booking button is visible at all times in the menu on the top left.

To create a booking, you press it once after which you will see the form.

The form exists out of a couple of steps, depending on the how you have setup Animalo, not everything explained here will be applicable.

Booking and pet type

To start you have to select the type of booking, you can choose between daycare or overnight stays.

{info} Before you can make bookings you need to setup either boarding spots or daycare spots.

After you select the booking type, you need to choose the pet type.

Every booking can only have a single pet type.

Now that you have selected the booking type and pet type, we can proceed to the next page by clicking Next: Pet and customer.

Customer and pets

Here you will have to select the customer and pets.


If the customer exists, you can start by typing the customer name, e-mail or one of the pet names in the customer field.

When a match is found, it will display below, and all you have to do is click on the name.

If the customer does not yet exist, you can click OR add a new customer and fill in the customer details.

After saving the new customer, it will automatically be selected and you can continue to set the pet.


Now that we have selected our customer we need to select the pet(s).

Depending on your configuration you can set one or more pets.

After you selected a customer and the customer already has pets of the chosen type in the first part of the booking it will automatically display.

If the customer has one pet, it is selected automatically. If the customer has multiple pets, all you have to do is click the pets you want to create the booking for.

If there are no pets yet, you click Or add a new pet and fill in the name of the pet (other information is optional and not required to make the booking).

After saving the new pet it will be selected automatically.

You can now proceed to the next step by clicking Next: Booking period.

Booking period

On the calendar, you can see all the available dates. This is already updated to the following rules:

  • All fully booked dates are greyed out;
  • All availability rules are greyed out;
  • If it is a closing day, it will be in orange;

For boarding: Select the start and the end date.

For daycare: Click all the days to book.

When you select dates Animalo will double-check the availability and show you a success message when available rooms are there.

After you click Next: Room type you will see a list of all room types available for the pet type and amount of pets.

You also see a price calculation for the booking.

After you select a room type you can continue to extras.


Here you can select all the extras the booking requires.

See booking addons for more information about possible configurations.

Booking overview

On the last step of the booking, you can verify everything is correct.

You can do the following things:

  • See the price including extras.
  • Set a custom start and end hour.
  • Give an additional discount.
  • Set a manual price.
  • Disable e-mails.
  • Add a note.

Once everything is verified, you can press "confirm booking" to finalize the process.

After you confirm the booking, you will see a success message linking you to the booking details.

Bookings detail documentation