The dashboard is a tool you can use to manage your pet hotel on a daily base.

Some widgets display useful information about the current day.

Besides daily management tools, there are also some statistics about pet type population, booking counts new bookings and Animalo setup status.

Daily management: Overnight stays

There are two main sections displayed in the dashboard: Incoming today and Outgoing today.

Incoming today shows you all the incoming pets for the day. You can see some basic information and a "check in" button.

The check-in button allows you to keep track of how many pets still to come for the day.

Outgoing today shows you all the pets that are leaving. You can see some necessary information and a "check out" button.

By using the check out button, you are always up to date on the pets yet to leave.

When you click on a booking, you will be taken to the detail page.

Daily management: Daycare

In the Daycare bookings for today widget, you can see all the daycare spots that are booked for the day.

Recent bookings

Here you can find a list of the most recent bookings. This is especially useful if you have many online bookings using the Book now widget.

Recent daycare bookings

Here you can find a list of the most recent daycare bookings.