The dashboard

The dashboard is the main screen you can use for managing your pet hotel.

On this page are 4 tabs (on the top on desktop and tablet, or at the bottom on mobile).


In the overview tab you can see a summary of what is going on, you see if there are new bookings made by the booking widget, the total amount of new bookings that are created today, the number of pets to check in and out and more.


On the check-ins tab you can see all the bookings that should start today. Both daycare and overnight stays will be in this list.

From this list you can easily check-in the booking.


On this tabs all the bookings that are ending today will be shown. Again here you can instantly check-out the booking using the action button.

To validate

The last tab shows all the booking requests that came in from the booking widget. From here you can click to the booking details and decide if you want to accept the booking or not.