Daycare spots


Daycare spots are very similar to roomtypes but they have the following difference:

  • Daycare spots can only be booked per day.
  • Daycare spots are shared between all types.

Daycare spots are called daycare room types inside Animalo as a single daycare room type can have multiple spots.

Listing daycare configurations

On the daycare spots page you can see all your current daycare spots.

You can filter your daycare spots by typing in the search field.

If you want to edit a daycare spot, you can click "edit" in the row of the daycare spot.

Creating daycare spots

To start, click the "Create daycare room type" button on the top right.

You will have to enter a name for the daycare room type. The name is used internally to show you in which room type the booking is located.

Amount of available spots: Here, you can set how many of these daycare spots you have available.

For example, if you have ten daycare spots for dogs, you can create one daycare room type named "dogs" and give it ten spots, you can now create ten bookings of one dog in daycare or five with two dogs etc..

Allowed pets: Select the pet types that can be placed together. This is really more than one. But can be useful when you have a room where both rabbits and birds are placed in their mini-homes.


Price per day in daycare: The price per day in daycare.

Base price per booking: A fixed price that is charged per booking but not per day. This amount can between 0.

Advanced pricing

Daycare spots can have advanced pricing. After checking the Advanced pricing box, you can fill in the pricing table.

Example: Min: 0, Max: 10, Price: 10.

A booking of maximum 10 days will have the price of 10 Euro per day.

Min: 11, Max: 0, Price: 7.5.

Bookings with 11 days or more will have a price of 7.5 Euro per day.


When your daycare room type has more than one slot, you will see some additional fields.

These fields are for configuring a discount when a single customer books more than one pet.

Discount method: The discount method to apply to bookings when there is more than one pet from the same customer.

Discount amount: Either a price or percentage based on the discount method to apply as a discount to the booking.

Discounts are optional.