With Animalo client communication becomes a lot easier.

Our automatic e-mail system allows you to communicate mostly using the platform instead of phone calls or manual e-mails.

E-mail configuration

{info} We are working on a more user friendly editing system for emails.

E-mails can be configured form the e-mail configuration page.

The e-mail system uses various parameters that are automatically replaced by customer or booking information.

You can see the available parameters below the e-mail text fields and they are the following format: ##PARAMETER##.

Various e-mails can be configured.

The e-mails are already set up with default content for you to use, but you can easily modify them to your own needs.

E-mails are translateable in the languages Animalo provides.

Booking confirmation: After every booking, you create or verify the customer will receive this e-mail.

Booking pre-verify: When the user creates a booking using the book now widget this e-mail is sent letting them know validation is ongoing.

Booking message: This is an e-mail that is sent when using the chat function on the booking detail page.

Booking online payment invite: This is the e-mail the customer receives when you send the online payment invite. This can happen automatically after each booking.

Online payment confirmation: When the customer makes the payment, this e-mail is sent to let them know the payment is made.

Previewing e-mail

After saving the content of an e-mail, you can see the preview on the right side.