Online payments

Animalo allows you to send payment invites to customers when bookings are made.

Before you will be able to use the online payment system you have to setup your payment account.

Our payments are processed with Stripe, and you can request payments to customers around the world.


On the payment configuration page you can find a button to setup your own stripe account.

The button will take you to an external page where Stripe will request some information about your business.

Once completed you will be redirected back to Animalo and your account is ready.

We currently do not support connecting existing Stripe accounts.


All online payments are processed by Stripe, which includes 3D secure checking of credit cards.

A transaction may get charged back, when this happens we will notify you of the bookings this happened for.


Online payments have transaction costs, payout costs and manage costs. We try to keep our pricing as simple as possible but we have to take into account various payment methods.

We charge 3.5% transaction costs on all payments.

A quick example:

{info} A booking your customer pays online costs 100 euro. Your customer decides to pay online and pays 100 euro using a credit card. 3,5 euro will be removed from the amount, the rest 96,5 euro will be added to your Stripe account and will be paid out to your bank account.

{primary} If you have any questions about payment costs, contact us at


We are currently still working on our refund system. If you have to do a refund, let us know at

Transaction costs cannot be refunded.


Payouts happen on a daily basis, and they usually take a couple of days to process. Animalo cannot change the speed at which these payout happen.

If you would like to change the frequency of payouts to for example every week or once per month. Let us know at


If you have any questions regarding the online payment system, feel free to contact us, and we can help you set up or answer your questions.

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