Room types is the configuration home of the bookable overnight spots of your pet hotel.

For each room type, you can have multiple spots. If your pet hotel has 10 rooms of the same size, you create 1 room type with 10 units.

Every unit is bookable and can contain more than one pet if configured so.

There is a limit of 10 bookable spots in the free version.

Listing room types

On the roomtype page you can see all your current room types.

You can filter your room types by typing in the search field.

If you want to edit a room, you can click "edit" in the row of the room type.

Creating room types

To create a room type, you press the "Add room type" button on the top right.

You will have to enter a name for the room type. The name is used internally to show you in which room type the booking is located.

But it also used for the Book now widget.

Available amount of units: is the number of available rooms you have for this room type.

Maximum amount of pets in one room: here you can configure how many of the same pet type of the same customer you allow to be in a single booking.

Example: You create a booking for a customer with 2 dogs. They can sleep in the same room, so you create a single booking. The price for the booking is multiplied by 2.

For more see Discount.

This can be useful if you want customers to allow and create a single booking with 2 of their dogs and they can sleep together.

Allowed pets: Here you can select which pets you allow to be booked for this room type. As this can be multiple you could, for example, have a room for both cats and dogs. Booking can never have 2 different pet types in a single room type.

Allow online bookings: If you are using the book now widget you can select if the customer can create bookings in this room type.


Room types have a flexible pricing method. You can decide how you want to charge your customers on a room type level.

Pricing method and Price per day or night: If you want to charge by day or by night.

When charing per night Animalo calculates the number of nights and multiplies it by the price of the room type.

Example: A Room type with the pricing of 10€ per night. And we book from 2019/01/26 till 2019/01/30 will cost 40€

When charing per day Animalo calculates the number of days regardless of the start and end hour and multiplies it by the price of the room type.

Example: A Roomtype with the pricing of 10€ per day. And we book from 2019/01/26 till 2019/01/30 will cost 50€

** When you are creating bookings, you can always set a custom price for a given booking. This allows you to exceptionally charge more or less.

** If you need custom pricing rules, let us know!

Base price per booking: This price is charged on any booking but is not based on the duration of it.

You can for example charge 20€ on every booking for dossier costs. The amount can be 0.


When your room type allows multiple pets from the same customer, you can apply discounts.

Discount method: The discount method to apply to bookings when there is more than 1 pet from the same customer.

Discount amount: Either a price or percentage based on the discount method to apply as a discount to the booking.

Discounts are optional.

Editing a room type

When you edit a room type, all existing bookings will remain as they were when the bookings were created.

If you change pricing, you can then visit the booking itself and press the "recalculate" button.

If you adjust the available units, nothing will change for the existing bookings, but new bookings might not work as you run out of available spots.

Deleting a room type

You can at any given time delete your room type. They are not really removed from Animalo as these contain critical information about bookings.

When you remove a room type, all existing bookings for the room type will continue to exists but you can no longer create new bookings for it.

Be careful when removing room types and creating new ones instantly as Animalo can no longer keep track of the bookings that exist versus the bookings in the new room type.