Service types


Service types is the configuration home of the bookable services of your pet hotel.

Service types can be used for:

  • Grooming services;
  • Washing services;
  • Veterinarian management;
  • many other things..

Service types bookings are done directly from the calendar to allow the bookings to be done with more ease. On mobile you can use the add service booking button.

Read here how to create service bookings: Creating service bookings.

Listing service types

From the side menu you can click on Rooms & Spots to get to the overview of your rooms.

On this page you do not only see a link to service types, but also to daycare and boarding types.

{primary} If you cannot see service spots, see Your hotel on how to setup your service types.

Once you arrive on the Rooms & spots page, you can click on Service types to see a list of all the service types you have setup so far.

On the top are 2 tabs (on the bottom on mobile), if you have setup many service types, you can easily filter them out using the filter button.

In order to create a new service type you can click on Add new service. Below we go into more detail how to setup service types.

Creating service types

From the service types list you can click on the Add new service button to create a new service type.

You will have to enter a name for the service type. The service type is used on invoices and emails.

Force price entry on booking: We know that a price might be different for every pet type. If you check this box, you must always set a price manually when creating bookings.

Price: The base price for the service, you can always set a different price when making a booking.

Pet types: Here you can select which pets you allow to be booked for this service type. As this can be multiple you could, for example, have a service for both cats and dogs.

Editing a service type

From the service types list you can click on the edit button for the service you want to edit.

When you edit a service type, all existing bookings will remain as they were when the bookings were created.

Deleting a service type

You can at any given time delete your service type. They are not really removed from Animalo as these contain critical information about bookings.

When you remove a service type, all existing bookings for the service type will continue to exists but you can no longer create new bookings for it.