Animalo uses a subscription model when you need more spots or want to use the additional features as shown in the pricing page.

Because of this subscription model you gain some benefits:

  • No high initial cost, but a low monthly fee instead.
  • No software installation required, accessible from any device.
  • Data is stored online and is secured.
  • No yearly upgrade costs.
  • Constantly an up to date application.
  • You can cancel at any time without additional costs.

As we are creating Animalo for better pet hotels worldwide, we are always ready to listen and improve our application based on your feedback.

Selecting your package

Before you decide on the package, you first have to decide which fits best to your pet hotel.

See the Pricing page for all our available packages.

If you need help selecting the correct package, you can also contact our team and we will help you set it up.

Activating my subscription

Once you have decided on your package, you can enter your payment details.

We advise adding Extra Billing Information before making the payment.

Your invoice will be visible shortly after creating the subscription.

If you have any questions regarding your invoice, just get in touch and we will help you out!

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