Boarding by humans
for pets

At Animalo we want you to spend more time with pets, less on bookings and management.

Stop worrying about availability

Animalo does all the heavy lifting for you!

Flexible configuration

Add as many different room types as you require. Each of them has their own availability and pricing setup.

  • Extras

    Our extras system allows you to easily sell extra features such as a daily taxi service, walks or trainings.

  • All pet types

    If you are running a multi pet setup, you can easily split up runs. Currently Animalo supports dogs, cats, fishes, rodents, birds and horses!

  • Fits any setup

    Whether you have all the same runs or different ones per pet size. With Animalo you can configure any setup.

Animalo boarding room type settings

Check in and out

Know exactly which pets are in and still expected to arrive.

  • Quick edit

    Easily add or remove days from a booking with optional price recalculation.

  • See what is free

    Availability is shown on multiple pages, when making a booking or checking the calendar.

Animalo settings

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Booking as pet hotel
Booking as customer

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