Quickbooks and Animalo

Use your favourite accounting software with Animalo

With our Quickbooks integration you can seamlessly create customers, receipts, invoices and payments in your Quickbooks intance.

An easy to use integration where you are in control

You and your accountants will love this.

  • Customers

    When creating new customers or updating existing ones, Animalo will automatically create or update the customer in Quickbooks.

  • Invoices

    Invoices created in Animalo will be sent to Quickbooks automatically. A label indicates that the syncronisation has been done.

  • Receipts

    Want to create a receipt instead of an invoice? Complete the payment of the booking and press create receipt!

  • Payments

    Payments registered in Animalo are not send to Quickbooks immediately. Only when you create an Invoice or Receipt the payments will be registered together with the payment method.

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