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Highly customizable pricing, multiple daycare formulas and much more. Animalo has it all!

  • Your booking process made easier.
  • You're supported every step of the way, from your customized configuration to anytime a question arises.
  • Don't make potential clients wait until you're open to book with you.
  • Get a modern and convenient booking widget for your website.
  • Customizable for every facet of your doggy daycare, with features for groomers and veterinarians.

“ I tried several software systems before choosing Animalo. They were by far the easiest to use and supportive. Would very much recommend to all. ”

UK-based doggy daycare provider
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Customise to your needs

Animalo enhances and amplifies the way your doggy daycare does business, so you can focus on what you do best.

Working with Animalo means you get an interface that allows you to offer your clients customizations like daily taxi service, walks, training, veterinary check-ups, and grooming.

Highly customizable pricing too; wheter you want to include discounts for multi-dog households, multi-day bookings, half-day daycare, or whatever else suits your doggy daycare's needs, Animalo can help!

Your business, and your life, simplified

No more DIYing your scheduling. Do business with efficiency and modernity. Animalo can be used as an app on your tablet or smartphone, or on a computer. Always stay on top of which pets are still awaiting pickup, and keep internal notes.

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