Animalo is the next generation of pet management software

Manage your pet hotel's operations
Anywhere, anytime!


It’s time to modernize and streamline the way you do business.

Make it possible for prospective clients to check your availability and book with you 24/7, not just when you’re there to answer their calls and emails.

Doing business with the new Animalo software means you get your time back. You get an entire ecosystem within which you can keep your schedule, avoid double-booking, have automated notifications sent out to customers, and see who still needs to pay.

Your data is organized and streamlined in one place, and your pet boarding or doggy daycare business is digitized so it can attract busy, modern, digitally-native pet owners and continue thriving into the future.


Allow customers to easily schedule their pet's stay with just a few clicks, reducing the need for phone calls and emails.

Availability Management

Keep track of room availability and manage bookings efficiently to avoid overbooking and streamline operations.


Maintain detailed records of clients and their pets, including preferences and special requirements, for personalized service.

Automated Notifications

Send automated reminders and updates to clients regarding their bookings & payments, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why choose us

If this sounds familiar, you need Animalo

You’re still requiring pet parents to call or email you for booking

You’re DIY-ing all your admin work with disjointed pads, paper, spreadsheets, and apps

Your software’s not intuitive or user-friendly

You’re using a generic business software, not one made for the animal care niche

Your software doesn’t have swift and accurate support available

You’ve gotten burnt out as a result of trying to stay on top of dozens of draining admin tasks

You want to reclaim the joy of running your pet care business!

Animalo was created with you in mind.

While you’re busy running the day to day operations of your pet hotel, you may be losing business to places with an online booking widget.

You may be missing people like Animalo‘s founder, a dog owner who saw firsthand how very not user-friendly the majority of pet hotels’ booking processes are, when he had to suddenly find a place for his dog to stay with little notice.

With the technology he created as a result, your pet hotel reaps the benefits of having a modern, UI-centered, mobile-focused software. And you’re able to simplify bookings and follow-ups, and get a clear overview of your business’ operations.

Clients book conveniently through the widget on your site without your intervention. You have full control over the bookings you accept or not. And included on your end is your crystal clear schedule all in one place, PLUS an invoicing system, mobile notifications that let you know when a new booking or payment is created, and customer emails that get automatically sent from Animalo to inform clients about their booking.

You get a clear, organized overview of all your pet hotel’s data.

So you can breathe easy and let Animalo handle your data and admin tasks. And you can spend more time with the animals under your care.

Clients Testimonial

Amazing Clients Feedback

As a pet hotel owner, managing bookings and client information used to be a hassle. But since switching to Animalo, everything has become so much more streamlined. The client management feature is fantastic, and the support team is always there to assist. Couldn't be happier!

Sarah W

Pet hotel Owner

Animalo has transformed the way we run our doggy daycare. The availability management tool helps us stay organized, and the automated notifications ensure that our clients are always informed. Plus, the online booking system has significantly reduced our administrative workload. Thank you, Animalo!"

Emily S

Doggy Daycare Manager

I can't thank Animalo enough for making it so easy to book my pet's stay at the last minute. The online booking feature is a lifesaver, and the automated notifications kept me updated every step of the way. Highly recommend!

Emma D

Pet owner

Standard Package

/ Per Month
  • Daycare
  • Boarding
  • Service booking
  • Customer invoices
  • Availability manager
  • Optional online payments (stripe)
  • Booking widget for mobile
  • Automatic emails
  • Vaccination tracket
  • Free support
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