Pet hotel owners:

It’s time to modernize and streamline the way you do business.

Make it possible for prospective clients to check your availability and book with you 24/7, not just when you’re there to answer their calls and emails. Doing business with the new Animalo mobile app + browser software means you get your time back. You get an entire ecosystem within which you can keep your schedule, avoid double-booking, have automated notifications sent out to customers, and see who still needs to pay. Your data is organized and streamlined in one place, and your pet boarding or doggy daycare business is digitized so it can attract busy, modern, digitally-native pet owners and continue thriving into the future.

If this sounds familiar, you need Animalo:

  • You’re still requiring pet parents to call or email you for booking
  • You’re DIY-ing all your admin work with disjointed pads, paper, spreadsheets, and apps
  • Your software’s not intuitive or user-friendly
  • You’re using a generic business software, not one made for the animal care niche
  • Your software doesn’t have swift and accurate support available
  • You’ve gotten burnt out as a result of trying to stay on top of dozens of draining admin tasks
  • You want to reclaim the joy of running your pet care business!

(Seriously. No credit card required to begin.)

dog getting petted

Animalo was created with you in mind.

While you’re busy running the day to day operations of your pet hotel, you may be losing business to places with an online booking widget.

You may be missing people like Animalo‘s founder, a dog owner who saw firsthand how very not user-friendly the majority of pet hotels’ booking processes are, when he had to suddenly find a place for his dog to stay with little notice.

With the technology he created as a result, your pet hotel reaps the benefits of having a modern, UI-centered, mobile-focused software. And you’re able to simplify bookings and follow-ups, and get a clear overview of your business’ operations.

Clients book conveniently through the widget on your site without your intervention. You have full control over the bookings you accept or not. And included on your end is your crystal clear schedule all in one place, PLUS an invoicing system, mobile notifications that let you know when a new booking or payment is created, and customer emails that get automatically sent from Animalo to inform clients about their booking.

You get a clear, organized overview of all your pet hotel’s data.

So you can breathe easy and let Animalo handle your data and admin tasks. And you can spend more time with the animals under your care.


Your data gets organized.

Your clients get a better booking experience.

Your business gets a 21st-century upgrade.

You get peace of mind.

“There is an ease of use and a swiftness in response from the program that really suits my needs. I’ve used the program on my computer, my iPad, and my phone, and all of them give me immediate feedback with the most recent information. I personally love the iPad view, which helps me be mobile, as well as give my customers a feel that no other pet hotel owner can. The few times that I’ve had to appeal for support, it was dealt with swiftly and accurately, No question was left unanswered. Better yet, they’ve gone further than expected on several occasions, giving me more than what I asked for.”
Dennis Baan
Owner, Kedav Pet Hotel

dashboard mobile

Your business is everywhere. In the palm of your hand.

On the web. On your phone, tablet, and computer. Animalo, its booking widget, and the booking notifications that come with it, go with you wherever you need them. It just got a whole lot easier for clients to choose and book with you.

availability overview in Animalo

Everything in one package
for just €25 a month

The basic Animalo package provides 100 configurable daycare and 100 configurable boarding spots!

No additional costs, no other limitations!
Need more spots? No problem, with the expert package you get 150 spots more!

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In one app!

Daycare, Boarding and services bookings.

Service bookings
Booking widget for your website
Customer invoices
Automatic emails
Availability manager
Vaccination tracker
Optional online payments
Free support

“But the idea of switching to new software is scary...“

We know. But support is available via chat, WhatsApp and email. If you’re ready to feel way more on top of your business’ many moving parts. We’ll be there for you every step of the way. It’s time to break up with your subpar software, or do away with your disorganised, pad and paper DIY management system. And we know new software can be confusing to learn.  Whether it’s bad technology, or lack of customer support you’ve experienced in the past--that’s not the Animalo way. Welcome to your new, intuitive solution.

Your pet hotel management data, organized and digitized

  • Software use in browser or intuitive app
  • Free support & setup
  • Low-cost monthly rate with more functionality for bigger pet hotels
  • Reliable customer support
  • A hands-on demo if needed
  • Booking widget
  • Data security
  • Updated with new features regularly.

Give yourself peace of mind and increased efficiency by streamlining the administrative side of your pet hotel. Start now, and you could be improving the way you do business within minutes. You can reach out to us anytime questions arise. We’re here to support you.

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