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Is all the admin work of running your pet boarding business feeling a bit chaotic ?

  • Save time.
  • Keep in touch with your clients easily.
  • Keep your check-ins and check-outs straight.
  • Streamline your old system of various paper trails, piecemeal software, spreadsheets and calendars.
  • End your headaches, get efficient, and get back out there to what you do best. 
dog boarding software

Simple, usable and fast

There are lots of moving parts in your pet boarding business. Different pets coming and going. Staying for extended periods. Each with different requirements. Some require training or veterinary check-ins.

Schedule a demo with Animalo, or try with the 7 day free trial. See what pet boarding software –that puts a modern booking widget, invoicing system and client communication all in on place– can do for you.

Animalo is easy to learn and teach to your staff. And customizable so you can make it work for the pets you service and the way you work.

Your business, and your life, simplified

No more DIYing your scheduling. Do business with efficiency and modernity. Animalo can be used as an app on your tablet or smartphone, or on a computer. Always stay on top of which pets are still awaiting pickup, and keep internal notes.

Ready to get started?
Animalo has a 7-day free trial.
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